24hr Charity Set at Purobeach Marbella

On Friday 25 held in Purobeach Marbella a “24 HR Charity Set” charity event to raise funds for the Cuedeca Foundation.

At 10 in the morning gave kick off Dj John Hobbs, who was at the forefront of this event 24 hours at a time, by clicking music non-stop. Also participating were several artists with live shows as NYNE D, K:miss and KEEF LUV. With peak moments, Purobeach Marbella full of people, drinks and food,  pictures as a form of fundraising, great performances… What more can ask for?

Dj John Hobbs was well received by the public and gave all of himself to endure 24 hours playing music non-stop. An event which featured a sunrise and a sunset on the beach, is there anything better?

Great day which began as it ended, overhand, raising €6,332 during the 24 hours that lasted the event. One full day in which everything was perfect.



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